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An Effective Alternative for the Standard Filling

Most Americans have had some experience with cavities. With cavities, the natural next step is restoration through fillings. Filling cavities in molar teeth has long been a practice that relied on using silver amalgam. Though this has been proven to be a reliable and, more importantly, affordable process over the years, it has some drawbacks – the unsightly silver appearance of the filling being the most obvious. The flash of silver when smiling or tossing your head back to laugh shouldn’t ever be a concern that crosses your mind. With composites or white fillings, this is no longer an issue! Gentle Dental Care is happy to help you through this process.

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Strength You Can Depend On

Thanks to technological advancements in the dental industry, composites are a great alternative to the standard filling and are quickly becoming the go-to across the country. Instead of using silver amalgam, composites involve a filling material called composite resin. This tooth-colored material looks much more natural and blends in with the surrounding teeth, making it essentially invisible. It offers the same strength and durability as silver amalgam and can withstand decay just as well. With proper daily care and regular dental check-ups, they can last for around a decade – so you don’t have to worry about changing them out!

Stress-Free, Efficient Application Process

Just like the silver filling process, you may be used to, the application of composite fillings is a quick, pain-free experience that requires no more than a single visit. Depending on the level of decay and damage that you are experiencing, this can usually be completed in under one hour. We aim to get you in on time, provide a stress-free environment, and quickly get you back to your daily routine (so you can show off your new healthy smile!).

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